And so it begins

Monday, 28 February 2011 0 comments

Here it is, the home of Paw Print Games, the newly formed indie games development studio based in the North West of England. 

So who are Paw Print Games and where did we come from I hear you ask. Well, in December 2008 we released a spare time development called KamiCrazy on the iPhone. The project may not have been a substantial success financially, but it did open our eyes to the potential of the App Store. The Lite version of the game made the top ten charts, getting up to fifty thousand downloads per day, and over a million downloads shortly after release.

Since then we've continued to work in our spare time on various game ideas and have improved our cross-platform engine so that it supports a range of platforms including PC, iOS, Android, bada, and Palm.

After a combined twenty five years in the games and animation industries with companies such as Sony and Travellers Tales, we decided we wanted to be able to devote more than just evenings and weekends to our hobby projects. So at the end of December 2010 we made the decision to resign from our jobs, form Paw Print Games, and take the leap into full-time games development.

Our first title will be an 8-bit inspired puzzle based platformer called KAMI RETRO. We will initially release it on iPhone with Android and iPad versions to follow. 

Here at Paw Print Games our aim is to deliver unique games with a partiular emphasis on fun.

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