NWIndies Summer Conference

Saturday, 25 June 2011 0 comments

Yesterday afternoon Paw Print Games attended the NWIndies  summer conference at BaseCamp3  in Liverpool for a bunch of discussions from a number of indie developers in the North West.

We were greeted with tea, coffee, beer and cakes, a good start to any conference in my opinion. In case anyone reading this doesn't know of BaseCamp3, it is an affordable business space for the creative industries, predominantly start-ups, inclusive of free business advice and much more. Teams currently located here include SetGo , Damibu  and MilkyTea . Other teams also in attendence included Nyamyam , HogRocket  and RebelPlay . Francis McEnegart an IP Lawyer was also on hand to offer his expertise.

It was very interesting to see and hear what other teams in the area are working on and great to talk to members of the community in person. If there are any Indie developers in the North West that want to get involved with the NWIndies community then be sure to check out the website. All the members are friendly and will openly discuss their experiences, some of which you may find invaluable in such a competitive, changeable and volatile industry.

We would like to thank Maritn Linklatter for starting the group, Dave Burrows for organising the event, BaseCamp3 for hosting it and everyone that is involved in NWIndies and supporting eachother as a community.

KAMI RETRO Available on Android for Free!

Thursday, 16 June 2011 0 comments

KAMI RETRO  has been released for Android on the Android Market place.

It was a lot of hard work to get the game looking polished and working well on the variety of Android handsets and the initial impressions are justifying the efforts. Here are some of the glowing reviews we have been receiving on the Android Market already -

If you've played Mario: March of the Minis then you'll be right at home with this. Screenshots don't do it justice. It's an 8-bit game rendered in 3-D SkipJimRoo - June 17, 2011

Just plain outstanding for platformer fans. At first its a little weird but once you get the hang of its Super Mario on speed. Graphics are superb. Chris - June 16, 2011

I cant believe this game is free!! What's even harder to believe is that you are reading this review instead of downloading and playing this awesome game that runs on my xoom and droid charge flawlessly! Please make more games like this Gamevil!! Jacob - June 15, 2011

Great visuals and fun simple gameplay and best of all its free. Well done, dev. Maj - June 15, 2011

Nice! Fun, attractive platform/puzzler. I've been looking out for this game for a while now. James - June 14, 2011

As this is our first Android game it hasn't been without teething problems. There has been a small number of people who have reported not knowing what the second download is. The second download is the Asset Downloader, used to download the assets to match your handset. If we didn't use this method then the download would be huge, consisting of all available resolutions, of which there are many. However, in reflection the Asset Downloader doesn't provide a clear enough explanation as to what it is doing and as such we will be improving this for a future update.

We pride ourselves on working with the community so if anyone has any compatibility issues or would like to provide any feedback on KAMI RETRO then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

KAMI RETRO Update 1.3 in Submission

Wednesday, 1 June 2011 0 comments

KAMI RETRO is soon to be updated with the following new features -

1. 6 New Bonus Levels
2. New Dinosaur character
3. New Character selector allowing play with multiple characters
4. Device orientation flip support
5. New Tutorial selection allowing tutorials to be viewed at any time

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Some people have experienced a few problems loading into KAMI RETRO HD. This can happen due to the large memory memory footprint of the games frontend and the iPads inability to manage memory effectively. We have reproduced this problem with many other titles such that the iPad wouldn't even launch into anything. To solve it you need to turn off the iPad, turn it on again, then launch the game.

To help reduce the problem we have submitted an update for KAMI RETRO HD with a 1/3rd shaved off the memory requirements for the frontend. We have also fixed the truncated name so it will now read KAMI RETRO instead of KAMI...TRO HD

More updates are planned and in development.

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