GamesDev South Wales Session 1

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yesterday Antony White and Steven Craft gave a talk on Paw Print Games at the first of the GamesDev South Wales new quarterly sessions. The talk focused on various aspects of Paw Print Games and how the studio evolved from spare time development to going it full time, evolving in to office space, developing internal IP and working with established IP. During the session BB10 versions of both KAMI RETRO and Wacky Rapids were on show.

KAMI RETRO BB10 Paw Print Games Wacky Rapids GamesDev South Wales GamesDevSW
Also joining the packed session was Alexis Kennedy, Chief Narrative Officer of Failbetter talking about his studio and more specifically talking in depth about the benefits of the StoryNexus platform.

Both talks were very well received by all the attendees with casual discussions continuing well in to the night at the Chapter bar.

The development scene in South Wales is definitely beginning to pick up momentum so if you are in the area be sure to get involved with GamesDev South Wales.


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