KAMI RETRO on PlayBook OS 2.0

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 0 comments

RIM have pushed the new PlayBook OS 2.0 live to all users over the last day or so. We have been working with the beta version of the 2.0 SDK for sometime to ensure our games are fully compatible and we are delighted to see that as OS 2.0 goes live, KAMI RETRO is featured on the front page, in the games section.

KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week PlayBook Paw Print Games

If you have a PlayBook, you can check out KAMI RETRO here. We have an update ready for submission which adds Scoreloop support which in turn adds achievement (awards) and leader boards (score tables) so you can track your progress and compete with friends.

The rest of the Paw Print Games PlayBook titles can be found here.

KamiCrazy goes on (and on!)

Monday, 20 February 2012 0 comments

As part of a mission to bring our back catalogue of games over to more platforms we have more recently released KamiCrazy to various platforms including the PlayBook and Android (with ports for Palm and Bada in the pipe line). This time around we haven't pushed too hard with the PR (as KamiCrazy is a project that is now many years old and doesn't reflect the standard of our current projects), however we were pleased to see that The Sun has picked up on the Android release and decided it worthy of review in their publication.

The Sun KamiCrazy Android KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week Paw Print Games

Back in the summer of 2008 we released the iOS version of KamiCrazy to the emerging AppStore. It was our first offering to the iOS platform and was an exciting time for us. We saw our little baby taking a number two spot in the App Store games chart over the Christmas period. Off the back of this we received a fair amount of press coverage including a News of the World article:

NOTW News of the World KamiCrazy Android KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week Paw Print Games
You can find the recent releases of KamiCrazy for Android here and PlayBook here.

After all these years it is great to see new users are still enjoying the game and it certainly gives us some inspiration that a brand new, graphically stunning, version of KamiCrazy has a target market ready and waiting - perhaps a project we need to move higher up the priority list?

KAMI RETRO – Included in RETRO GAMES Feature

Thursday, 16 February 2012 0 comments

KAMI RETRO continues to gain the attention of Apple with its inclusion in the latest RETRO GAMES feature.

KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week Android Paw Print Games
Since release KAMI RETRO has been awarded Game of the Week and featured in numerous categories including Greatest Platformers, Intuitive Controls award in Benchmark Games, Stylish Games and more recently added to the App Store Hall of Fame.

KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week Android Paw Print Games
It is fantastic to get both the support of Apple and everyone that has downloaded KAMI RETRO. This continued support enables Paw Print Games to further evolve as a company and to continue developing new, fun and innovative experiences.

We are currently hard at work finalising Wacky Rapids, due for release in the first quarter of this year.

More information on Wacky Rapids due soon!

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