KAMI RETRO Featured in Quick Fix Games

Friday, 30 March 2012 0 comments

KAMI RETRO Featured in Quick Fix Games
Another week begins on the App Store with a new feature banner. This week it’s Quick Fix Games and KAMI RETRO appears amongst a fantastic bunch of games including Jetpack Joyride, Cut the Rope and the mighty Whale Trail.

KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week Paw Print Games
KAMI RETRO has been available on the App Store for over a year now and throughout its time it has received many accolades including the Game of the Week award, entered in to the App Store Hall of Fame and featured in numerous categories including Greatest Platformers, Intuitive Controls award in Benchmark Games, Stylish Games and Retro Games.

KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week Paw Print Games
We are beginning to think a sequel may be in order!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012 0 comments

Directors Steven John Craft and Antony White were in attendance at this year’s Games Developers Conference giving session talks, booth presentations, showing off KAMI RETRO on the PlayBook and also giving a sneak peek of the studios forthcoming title Wacky Rapids.

GDC Paw Print Games
On the first day of the conference Steven and Antony joined Dale Ducharme of Research in Motion in giving a presentation on Porting Games to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Dale kicked off the presentation covering the initial steps to entry for PlayBook development whilst Antony followed with a presentation on the beginnings of Paw Print Games, the studio philosophy and the development of KAMI RETRO. Steve then continued the session with an overview of the PlayBook porting experience including engine schematics and how adopting a multi-platform approach from the outset paved the way for porting KAMI RETRO in little more than a day!

KAMI RETRO iOS iPhone iPad Game of the Week PlayBook GDC Paw Print Games
Throughout the conference KAMI RETRO was on display at the BlackBerry booth and gained a great deal of interest from the expo crowd. Over the final two days Steve and Antony also gave similar talks to the one they gave at the main session of the conference to packed crowds at the booth with the response being wholly positive.

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