KAMI RETRO hits the Pandora

Tuesday, 21 August 2012 2 comments

The 8-bit, retro inspired, KAMI RETRO has now transitioned to the Pandora handheld computer/gaming platform. After already targeting most of the mobile market, including iPhone, iPad, Android and PlayBook, Paw Print Games has now added another platform to their portfolio.

“I actually made the port about 12 months ago” explains Steven Craft, Technical Director at Paw Print Games, “however due to a bug in the firmware, we were unable to release the game. The bug has since been fixed, so we can at last bring KAMI RETRO to a new user base. I have been an active part of various homebrew scenes and am delighted to be able to make KAMI RETRO available to all Pandora users.”

The Pandora is a handheld/portable computer/gaming device developed by the OpenPandora team, it combines a full QWERTY keyboard, linux distribution and touchscreen with proper gaming controls (dual analog sticks, DPAD, face buttons and shoulder buttons).

“Like most people, I had not heard of the Pandora”, admits Antony White, co-founder of Paw Print Games, “but when Steve showed me it with KAMI RETRO running, there didn’t seem to be any reason to hold back. It has been a long time since the decision was made, so it is great to see KAMI RETRO now available on the store”.

For more information, and download options, view KAMI RETRO on the Pandora repository here.

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