KAMI RETRO And Wacky Rapids on BB10 at BB Jam Americas

Friday, 28 September 2012 0 comments

So, the mobile talking point of these last few days (at least for anyone interested in RIM/PlayBook/BB10) was the BB Jam Americas conference, held in San Jose, California. With the new mobile handset from RIM, the BB10, literally months away from release, it was of course the main talking point of the conference.

Paw Print Games have been working closely with RIM for sometime, and we were delighted to be able to have two of our titles, KAMI RETRO and Wacky Rapids running on the BB10 device ready for the event. What is more, we made both titles available via the App World store available on the BB10 Alpha devices. We subsequently found out that the titles were both chosen to be featured on App World (which is built into the devices):

  KAMI RETRO BB10 Paw Print Games Wacky Rapids BB10 Paw Print Games
We have had a lot of positive feedback from early BB10 users and are looking forwards to releasing the titles for the final BB10 devices early next year. Both titles are integrated with the Scoreloop API, meaning they have score tables and achievements. RIM also unveiled their new ‘Games’ application (essentially Game Center for BlackBerry) which our titles integrate with. For example, when you earn an in-game achievement, it will be displayed on the Games feed, as seen below:

  KAMI RETRO BB10 Scoreloop Paw Print GamesWhile we await the BB10 release if you have a PlayBook, why not checkout KAMI RETRO over on App World.

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