GamesDev South Wales Session 1

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 0 comments

Yesterday Antony White and Steven Craft gave a talk on Paw Print Games at the first of the GamesDev South Wales new quarterly sessions. The talk focused on various aspects of Paw Print Games and how the studio evolved from spare time development to going it full time, evolving in to office space, developing internal IP and working with established IP. During the session BB10 versions of both KAMI RETRO and Wacky Rapids were on show.

KAMI RETRO BB10 Paw Print Games Wacky Rapids GamesDev South Wales GamesDevSW
Also joining the packed session was Alexis Kennedy, Chief Narrative Officer of Failbetter talking about his studio and more specifically talking in depth about the benefits of the StoryNexus platform.

Both talks were very well received by all the attendees with casual discussions continuing well in to the night at the Chapter bar.

The development scene in South Wales is definitely beginning to pick up momentum so if you are in the area be sure to get involved with GamesDev South Wales.

Swashbuckler gets NBC mention during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Friday, 23 November 2012 0 comments

Yesterday was the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York and for those not familiar with the parade, it’s a pretty big deal. The parade includes various live music performances by famous singers and bands, performances from a number of Broadway shows and many gigantic balloons of cartoon and comic book characters. The crowd is ¼ million strong with NBC broadcasting live to over 44 million more.

For the last couple of years there has been a giant Paul Frank Julius balloon in the parade and whilst Julius was gliding through the New York streets this year the NBC telecasters mentioned the recent release of our Paul Frank game Swashbuckler! Check it out in the clip below :

If you have an iOS device you can get Swashbuckler for free here, and if you don't please stay tuned for news on more supported platforms in 2013.

Swashbuckler hits the App Store

Saturday, 17 November 2012 0 comments

Paw Print Games are pleased to announce the release of “Swashbuckler”, a new gesture driven platformer based on the world and characters from the iconic Paul Frank brand. Swashbuckler draws inspiration from classic games such as Mario, and Donkey Kong Country , creating a truly unique experience and first of its kind on tablets and mobile devices.

Swashbuckler Paul Frank Paw Print Games
Swashbuckler has a 5-10 hour story mode where you’re tasked with helping Julius rescue his kidnapped friend Birdie from a gang of pirates. Travel from island to island, collecting treasure along the way! Run, jump, glide and smash your way through obstacles and enemies as you explore dozens of levels!

Swashbuckler Paul Frank Paw Print Games
Swashbuckler also comes with two awesome mini-games. The first is Pufak’s Dash where you will get to sprint along the islands controlling Pufak. Run as far as you can, collect as many peanuts as you can and spell Paul Frank as many times as you can to set a high score then compete against your friends via Game Centre.

Swashbuckler Paul Frank Paw Print Games
The second mini-game is Clancy’s Emerald Frenzy. Collect the different coloured emeralds, drop them off at the correct chest and challenge for top scores by collecting the various bonus items. However, be sure to stay clear of the multiplier clearing Skurvy skulls and ensure you drop the correctly coloured emerald off at the right chest.

Swashbuckler Paul Frank Paw Print Games
Swashbuckler is out now on the App Store and best of all it’s free!

Swashbuckler HD for iPad, including support for the full native iPad 3 and 4 resolution of 2048x1536 is also available on the App Store.

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