FutureProof : Routes to Market

Thursday, 13 December 2012 1 comments

Yesterday Antony White gave a talk on Building a Company, Not a product at the second of three FutureProof events at the Baltic Creative Campus in Liverpool.

The talk summarised how the leap was made from AAA development to setting up Paw Print Games and the decision making processes over the last two years regarding internal IP developments, external IP projects and the adopted multi-platform strategy. The night was packed full of additional speakers from AXM Venture Capital, Damibu, Project EV: Liverpool and Realtime UK all giving valuable titbits of information for any business.

The FutureProof events organised by Sound City and Digital Advisors are providing support for games and digital companies in the Liverpool region. The next session will look at life outside games, how the skills of game developers and digital companies are applicable to sectors in areas such as music, brands, social media, gamification and meta games and how other sectors and industries are looking to games and services as the new way to engage customers.

If you are interested in attending the next FutureProof session it is on the 16th January 2013 and you can sign up here.

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