Swashbuckler Updates : Includes Playable Chachi

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In the lead up to Christmas we were hard at work evolving Swashbuckler and managed to squeeze out two updates before the break. The updates included 3 new tutorial levels, refinement of some of the earlier levels, a new medical pack containing extra lives, extra hearts and unlimited lives for a given level and lastly, Chachi the Chihuahua as a playable character.

Each of the tutorials are smaller simpler levels that are less than one minute in length and provide a better way to get to grips with how to play before exploring the larger levels. Each of these levels also rewards a Paul Frank star on completion.

If you do have a little trouble getting through a level you can now access all manner of goodies in the medical pack to help you on your way. The new unlimited lives for a level mode will stop you taking damage from enemies and re-spawn you at the nearest place to where you took an instant kill without taking a life from you. How good is that!
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Now, if you ever wondered what it would be like to run around the various islands as a dog then now’s your chance to do just that. By Choosing Chachi on the level selection screen you can now scamper your way to rescuing Birdie from the clutches of Sir Randolph and his henchmen. He has a pirate hat and works in the same way as Julius. Get to the Underwater Ruins and he has his own snorkel too!

We hope you enjoy the update, thank you for your support in 2012 and stay tuned for more Swashbuckler updates soon!


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