X86 Android Support

Saturday, 21 December 2013

We have recently added X86 Android support to our engine and toolchain, this means that users who have mobiles/tablets running X86 CPUs will find our games run faster and consume less battery. While X86 support has been offered by the Android Software Development Kit for a while now, we have only recently seen a large push by Intel to get more X86 mobiles and tablets into the market (such as the Galaxy Tab 3):

Intel x86 KAMI RETRO KamiCrazy Wacky Rapids Paw Print Games Indie Pi Engine PawPrintGames

We have uploaded new builds, with X86 support, for the following Android titles:


2. Wacky Rapids

3. KamiCrazy

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Intel has selected our titles to be showcased as part of a promotion they are running in 2014 to push X86 phones/tablets. We will post more information as this campaign is rolled out.


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