BlackBerry Live 2013 Built for BlackBerry showcase and session talks

Monday, 20 May 2013 0 comments

Antony and Steven attended the BlackBerry Live event last week to showcase a selection of our games recently given the Built for BlackBerry certification.

BlackBerry Live 2013 Swashbuckler Paul Frank Paw Print Games Indie Pi Engine PawPrintGames

There was a great response to the games and people loved the BB10 device to TV pairing. The image below shows Steven playing Swashbuckler on a BB10 phone connected to a TV via HDMI. The game can be played via gestures, virtual controller or via a paired bluetooth controller.

BlackBerry Live 2013 Swashbuckler Paul Frank Paw Print Games Indie Pi Engine PawPrintGames

Whilst at the event Steven gave a talk on our experiences of porting to BlackBerry, generating revenue from a variety of different sources and being flexible as a developer. Both Antony and Steven also participated in a panel discussion alongside Magmic, Marmalade and chaired by Anders Jeppesson, Global Head of Gaming for BlackBerry. The panel discussed various topics including monetisation strategies ranging from premium, fremium and paymium.

GDC 2013, Swashbuckler Update and New Games

Saturday, 11 May 2013 0 comments

Back in March we attended GDC 2013 where we pitched a couple of new game ideas to various publishers/funders, attended a number of interesting sessions and at the end of the week Steve gave a talk on multi-platform development and BB10. Attending a GDC event can be beneficial in many ways, these include continuing to build relationships, establishing new relationships, gauging reaction and getting feedback on new games, face to face time with press, casual and inspiring discussions with peers, engaging sessions, debates and plenty more.

If you haven’t been to GDC before and you’re thinking of going next year then you will want to maximise the time that you are there. Book as many meetings as you can in advance and if you can’t get a meeting for some reason there’s always a chance to catch people at one of the many parties happening every night.

Just before GDC we completed a major update to Swashbuckler. The change involved adding a new energy mechanic to simplify the need for super and mega smash items to break the blue and black metal blocks. This does come at a slight cost that the slide and slams cost energy when not breaking those blocks but it does mean that players have fewer items to think about and can focus on progression through managing the amount of energy they have. The update went live at the beginning of April.

Through April the team has been prototyping new mechanics and control schemes for a new unannounced project. We hope to be able to share the concepts and a development diary shortly. 

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