Chester University Games Mentors

Thursday, 5 September 2013 0 comments

Since setting up Paw Print Games Antony and Steven have continued to look at ways to build relationships with the educational system and help the next generation of game developers. Over the past few years they have given talks at Salford University and were also involved in the early stages of the @GameDevNorth events development; a local North West event setup to bring Game Development students and industry together.

Recently Antony and Steven have become Games Mentors for the BSc in Games Development at Chester University. This will involve working as external advisors for the development of the course over the coming years and include the following -

1. Act as an industry specialist and advise on trends and initiatives in the games development world.

2. Work with staff at the University by suggesting modifications and improvements to the course as it progresses.

3. Suggest research topics, conferences and other external activities which may benefit staff and students.

4. Identify possible areas of expansion for the School in games-related areas.

5. Provide a selection of talks on various subjects throughout the academic year.

Game pitching at Gamescom and UKTI

Monday, 2 September 2013 1 comments

Paw Print Games attended Gamescom in Cologne this week to pitch a new game to various publishers and to keep platform holders up to date with developments.

Attending an event such as Gamescom/GDC can be very beneficial especially if you’re able to maximise your time and line up all the meetings you want to make. To schedule meetings for a large event such as Gamescom will require a fair bit of preparation as time is limited and there are generally a lot of developers looking to do the same thing. The best thing to do here is to start booking meetings early, at least a month or more in advance and if you don’t have the contacts at the companies you wish to talk to then start getting them even earlier.

When it comes to a meeting point at the event we would advise attempting to do this in a hotel lobby. Having never been to Gamescom and knowing how popular the event is we decided to arrange most of our meetings in the Dorint Hotel just opposite the event venue. We had a couple of meetings in the event itself and they were really awkward to organise due to the crazy amount of people moving around and the overall size of the event. Meeting up was tricky and finding somewhere quiet to have a sensible conversation was also time consuming and far from ideal. We would highly recommend one of the hotels for meetings and would make every effort to stay away from organising meetings in the venue next year.

Getting to events whether in the UK or overseas can be somewhat costly whether you’re an indie developer or not. After a few years of recession now we are starting to see some help for small business from the government. UKTI run a passport to export programme to help small businesses improve their exporting. As part of the programme you will receive up to £3000 match funding towards event travel, accomodation and entry costs. As an example, for two people to attend Gamecom it cost around £1000 of which the Passport to Export programme will pay us back £500. You obviously have to pay for your own food on top of this but if you plan your time right you can establish a lot of new connections, strengthen relationships and build excitement for your new game. If you’re a small developer looking to attend events outside of the UK then be sure to get in touch with UKTI about the Passport to Export programme.

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