Release Date: December 12, 2008

The fearsome KamiCrazy soldiers have crash landed in the jungle on return from battle! They need to get back to their ship to continue their hell-bent war efforts but the treacherous terrain and dangerous locals aren't going to make that task easy. It's your task to guide the KamiCrazy soldiers and you'll need to flick, push, nudge and swing them to safety using the touch screen while avoiding the numerous hazards and traps. Use the objects left in the jungle by the locals to help you on your way such as springs, ropes and fans. Try to save them all, but don't worry too much... sometimes you'll have to make some sacrifices!

KamiCrazy is a combination of a traditional platforming game with classic puzzle elements, and combines smooth animation and stylised graphics with great fast-paced-game-play. The full version has forty rich, colourful and puzzling levels and two distinct themes making KamiCrazy a must have game.

KamiCrazy was developed as a spare time project prior to forming Paw Print Games in 2011 and saw over half a million downloads during Christmas 2008 and climbed to number 2 in the AppStore charts.


Kamicrazy Lemmings Paw Print Games KamiCrazy Lemmings KAMI RETRO Paw Print Games
KamiCrazy Lemmings KAMI RETRO Paw Print Games KamiCrazy Lemmings KAMI RETRO Paw Print Games


Critics Say

Keith Andrew from PocketGamer writes "Simple, accessible and slightly crazy fun, KamiCrazy is a less complicated take on Lemmings, but one that proves to be just as hectic" 7/10 - Full Article

Ben Briggs from Games Uncovered writes "KamiCrazy proves itself to be a decent Lemmings inspired platform puzzler - extremely well animated, colourful and very playable. Platformer addicts should not give this one a miss.” Full Article

Derek Walter from App Craver writes “Graphics were excellent and made the game a pleasure to look at while playing. Overall, KamiCrazy is a great challenge and was a nice mix between the puzzle and platform genres.” 8/10 - Full Article

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