Tofu Hunter


Release Date: May 14, 2015

ATTENTION VEGANS: Tofu has a face. And you’ve been chewing on it. Discover a majestic and beautiful species, then see how you feel after mercilessly gunning down an entire herd. Kill efficiently. Expand your arsenal. Learn the truth. TOFU IS MURDER. Nourishing, delicious Murder. TOFU HUNTER – free for iOS and Android from Adult Swim Games.

DISCLAIMER: This game contains graphic depictions of violence against tofu. We use this violence not to shock, but to better illustrate the pain and suffering innocent tofu goes through every day in the barbaric name of “veganism.”




- Blast the wide-eyed, unassuming faces off a wide range of adorable, meat-free critters.

- Hunt in a variety of environments, from misty woods to jungle ruins.

- Earn special weapons like crossbows, grenade launchers and the experimental "Omega-3".

- Tag bounties for extra scores and extra bragging rights.

- Earn achievements for stopping stampedes, sparing Tofu Does, avoiding Tofu Leopards and bagging one of each Tofu variety.


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